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Article from the AP wire today, by Ben Finley at AP, 29. October, 2021, why NBS key.

Nature Based Solutions to climate adaptation and mitigation not a mystery anymore, nor is it just for hippies from teh 60's. Its real engineering, that is low energy, easily replicable, proven to be effective and also enhance biodiversity restoration and maintenance from the local to the regional scales. Thus very important for engineers, architects as well as planners working the private and public sectors, including also public government procurement mechanisms for infrastructure!

The article from the AP wire: Virginia Beach confronts inescapable costs of rising seas


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Voters in the sprawling coastal city of Virginia Beach will decide whether to approve one of the larger municipal bonds in the U.S. that would be used to protect against rising seas and intensifying hurricanes.

If it passes Tuesday, the $568 million would fund anything from elevating roads to closing a 100-acre (40-hectare) city golf course to collect stormwater.

If it fails, economists say the city could lose billions of dollars in the next half-century as recurrent flooding inundates roads, businesses and homes.

The referendum underscores the mounting costs of adapting to climate change for U.S. cities. But it will also be a measure of Americans’ willingness to approve such bonds as more communities seek funding.

“I’m not confident that it will pass,” said Virginia Wasserberg, whose Virginia Beach home was among 1,400 houses and businesses flooded by heavy rains from the remnants of Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

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