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Water is Life

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Starting a new firm to provide Nature-Based Solutions, using ecological engineering and ecological design in these times, when there is a global pandemic may seem counter intuitive, but other entrepreneurs have experienced success when starting their innovative firms in times of adversity or in the face of rejection from certain sets of unbelieving investors. Two famous examples come to mind: That of Henry Ford, who went for investment to start mass production of motorized vehicles in Cleveland, many many years after the motorized vehicle had been perfected in Germany and was actually invented long before that by a Frenchman, i cannot remember the name of. Mr. Ford supposedly, as the story in Cleveland goes, went to the local bankers in town and was turned down by basically all of them and the nay sayers told him that people did not want a new machine contraption to carry them around that needed fixing all the time, people wanted a faster horse! Well, Henry just picked up and left Cleveland, went to Detroit, found a willing banker to loan him money there, and started his innovation of mass production, to 'democratize' mechanized transport. Not so good for the planet it turns out, but, he proved the business case anyway.

Another example of innovation, even including a bit of behavior i would NOT recommend, is the case of the small banker Amadeo Giannini, who was a banker in San Francisco, established as his Bank of Italy in San Francisco in 1904. After the earthquake of 1906, he brought cash into the city past the police cordons and loaned money to people for their businesses to re start the economy. So he built what later became The Bank of America. Two examples of innovation in the face of naysayers! So innovation does work even in adverse, difficult times, for products that some investors do not think is worth anything!!!

Ane Mari Aakernesand I, David Benjamin, think spreading Nature Based Solutions around the world, to make a profit and help people and the planet live in balance is a good and doable investment! Contact us to find out how we can do this together......

Sincerely, David Benjamin, Ph.D, Sivilarkitekt MNAL, LEED AP, Charrette Planner NCI, member European Association of Archaeologists Founder, and Managing Director

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#AquaNaturae #Phytoremediation #wesavetheenvironment #cleantech #cleansolutions

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