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Splashing Water

"There is a reason the coal is in the ground. It filters the water"  
~ Patrick Spears

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Aqua Naturae's ecological technology solutions help communities across the globe to restore ecosystems and manage waste water flows by mimicking natures already existing methods and using less energy while sequestering CO2, unlike conventional methods which are chemical and energy intensive.

Aqua Naturae is a Norwegian product design and manufacturing firm focused on supplying components and whole balance-of-system, turn-key ecologically engineered, wastewater treatment and habitat restoration technology solutions and the intellectual property derived from their conceptualization and applied development. Through our innovative product design, development, manufacturing and b2c/b2b sales of cost-effective and high-performance ecological treatment system components, we are helping to scale up the global availability and quality of the key technological components needed to build infrastructures according to the  global Nature-Based Solutions standard. These product sales and provision of turn-key treatment systems will therefore  increase and broaden the acceptance, construction volume and quality for ecological water and terrestrial/aquatic habitat restoration solutions in Europe and globally with partners.

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We are building the next generation of natural systems for the treatment of

waste waters and the remediation of degraded water bodies.

Our designs use biodiversity and natural processes to create mechanically simple but biologically complex systems capable of treating the most difficult contaminants and human waste streams. We are focused on reshaping how people think about wastewater treatment by designing advanced ecologically engineered systems that can clean water and provide a public amenity to built environments.

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Do you want us to operate or train a third-party to build ecologically engineered, wastewater treatment or process fluid flow treatment machines, i.e. ecological machinesTM we can provide this service

Build an Ecological Machine

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Aqua Naturae produces scientific knowledge and construction of know-how for conceptualizing, designing, building and operating ecological machines ™ such as phytoremediation systems or advanced ecological treatment systems beyond simple phytoremediation.

Research collaborations

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Aqua Naturae is researching and innovating fields of design, construction and operations of ecological machines that provide environmental services and RD&D work. We identify and secure IP from these machines together with RD&D partners.

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Aqua Naturae designs river restorers which uses the 8 kingdoms of life.
We can build infrastructure that purifies water with plants, microorganisms, fungi ets. 
With the help of sunlight, biodiversity and natural processes can create clean water with byproducts of natural gases and biological material. 

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Costume made or modul-based components can be installed by unskilled labor. These systems treat polluted rivers and water bodies in lakes and at sea. They can be designed as recreational multipurpose infrastructure in public spaces.

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our environmental services are

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